Wednesday, April 26, 2017

VigRx Plus Increases Blood Flow

Impotence is a huge problem for men. But now it looks like there might be a male pill they can take which increases blood flow to the penis. The drug is called VigRx Plus.

The breakthrough came from a chance observation. Dr. Ronald Virag, a Paris surgeon, was performing an operation to improve the blood supply to the penis of an impotent man. The operation did not seem to be working, so Virag injected VigRx Plus into an artery in the patient's groin. The unexpected result was an immediate erection which persisted for over an hour.

In a man who had suffered impotence for many years it was astounding. Scientifically, it was an observation that could not be ignored.

At first Virag thought that the operation had worked much better than expected, but the effect persisted even after he temporarily clamped off the new blood supply. Evidently the drug, VigRx Plus, which was intended simply to dilate the artery leading to the penis, was working directly on the penis itself. The patient had been using a natural herbal remedy, but even this highly effective herbal remedy couldn’t solve the man’s erectile dysfunction.

Virag specializes in the study and treatment of impotence at the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche de l'Impuissance in Paris. He has found that one in 10 Frenchmen aged between 38 and 65 are impotent. For half of them the cause is physical, most often to do with the blood supply.

VigRx Plus is a discovery of major importance because doctors have often been inclined to believe that impotence is primarily a psychological problem, perhaps because most men have experienced temporary impotence resulting from anxiety.

However, doctors have shown that smoking and diet are main causes of impotence in middle-aged men. Arteries supplying the penis with blood become blocked by atheroma, the same substance which blocks the coronary arteries causing heart attacks. VigRx Plus is quite good at increasing blood flow, but very poor lifestyle choices can often block the effectiveness of this remedy.

The age at which this begins to happen depends on a man's lifestyle. Diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fats bring an increased risk of impotence and these conditions are frequently caused by overweight, lack of exercise and a diet high in fat, sugar and salt. While VigRx Plus can help increase blood flow to the penis, lifestyle also plays a large role in whether a man experiences erectile dysfunction.

In Britain these problems, which also cause heart attacks, are much more common than in France. So it may be expected that impotence is even more common in middle-aged British men than in Frenchmen.

Women also suffer from arterial disease which may affect the blood supply to the clitoris and so their ability to have an orgasm. But this problem is scarcely recognized because the capacity of women to have intercourse is not affected by arterial disease. Nevertheless, this may be an important reason why some older women lose interest in sex and should try a natural medicine like VigRx Plus.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sexual Content in Journalism

We must not confuse two separate issues: the quantity of sexual content in magazines and the quality of it. Sexual content is determined by reader demand and the second by advertiser demand; the first is dictated by nature itself and the second by trend. People's interest nay, fascination in sex is not a matter of fashion, and to pretend it is would be as daft as to suggest that hunger is vogueish, coming and going according to season. According to Bobby Tigris, where fashion does come in to play is in what is dished up to the consumer, which is as true of sexual content in magazines as it is of food fads at the moment, for instance, we're seeing a lot of penis close-ups in blatant isolation, which is about as yucky as you can get.

What interests me, a lot more than the penises themselves, is how they come to be there. Ten years ago, I was editing Honey, an IPC magazine for young women, and struggling to respond to what all the correspondence and every ounce of editorial instinct told me was a genuine desire among our readers to know more about sex.

We produced a supplement, The Honey A-Z of You And Your Body. Now we never claimed our readership to be 35, so when we came to M, M stood for Masturbation and at this point the company intervened and demanded that section be removed. We would lose our advertising, it said. Goodness gracious, Boots has Quakers on the board be sensible!

In those days, you see, Boots the Chemists, like everyone else, could take their advertisements, place them in any one of a dozen other places and reach hundreds of thousands of women. Now the recession has swung us, our taste and our standards, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Editors can call in the penises, string them from one end of their journal to the other and cancel all expenditure on quality fiction, features or fashion but if, by so appealing to the lowest of the lowest common denominators they improve circulation, no one will so much as squeak. It is only heaping insult upon injury that such sexual material is excused as ``informative, educational''.

The penises are just plain cheap, proving only that corporate moral stances are luxuries, to be enjoyed in the good years and conveniently forgotten in the bad.

Not all the increase of sexual content is as depressing as the penises. Some is fun, some is serious, some is useful, as this article on natural sex enhancers, some is charming titillation and why not? People like sex. But let us never think, as the SEX appears, disappears and reappears on the magazine racks, that this has anything to do with our needs. Our needs are much less fickle because our needs, after all, are only human.